HbbTV-Kineton Plugfest 2023 in Naples

The HbbTV-Kineton Plugfest in October 2023 provided developers with a wide range of opportunities for interoperability testing of HbbTV technologies for two and a half days at Kineton’s headquarter in Naples, Italy. It was the third developer event in 2023 after the plugfests at the DTG in February in London and at Deutsche TV-Plattform in June in Berlin.

Developers from five TV manufacturers, five technology providers, two platform operators, five national broadcasters and six major regional broadcasters, representing more than 20 channels, attended the event in person, on average 17 people. The channel application providers tested their applications on the most recent software versions of brand new TV models – with some TV brands supporting DVB-I – and the technology providers tested their technologies, too.

The event provided a great, controlled platform for all participants to work towards interoperability to achieve an excellent user experience. It brought together HbbTV application developers and manufacturers from the whole of Europe to drive interoperability across all applications and devices.

The plugfest was followed by the HbbTV Testing Event, open to HbbTV members only and managed by the HbbTV Testing Group, and its Chair Ms. Van Nguyen (Samsung). It was the occasion to run tests with the new DVB-I specification which will be released in a future version of the HbbTV Test Suite.

HbbTV and Kineton would like to thank all participants who contributed to the success of the third plugfest in 2023. See you at next year’s events!

Author: Angelo Pettazzi, Kineton

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