May 31, 2022

HbbTV Developer Portal grows with first community contribution

Geneva, May 31, 2022 – We welcome the strong interest and active community involvement in the new HbbTV Developer Portal. Since its launch in March 2022, the portal has grown through further tutorials and resources such as the new section “Common mistakes to avoid”.

We are particularly happy about the first community contribution, written by Christoph Ziegler, Online Media Delivery Engineer and Software Developer at “ARD Programmdirektion”, the programming directorate coordinating the joint TV programme “Das Erste” and the joint video-on-demand service “ARD Mediathek” of the regional public-service broadcasters in Germany. The tutorial describes a simple logging utility to help developers debug HbbTV applications.

The HbbTV Association invites the users of the HbbTV Developer Portal to suggest new tutorials using the GitHub issue tracker. You are also welcome to engage in the discussions on the Stack overflow forum.

May 2, 2024

HbbTV opens HbbTV Zoo Directory

We are excited to introduce the HbbTV Zoo Directory, a groundbreaking project designed to benefit our community. This comprehensive listing of market resources, contributed voluntarily, provides HbbTV application developers with essential knowledge and easy access to HbbTV device zoo resources worldwide, both remotely and in person.


April 4, 2024

HbbTV releases version 2024-1 of the Conformance Test Suite

Geneva, 4 April 2024 – The HbbTV Association, a global initiative dedicated to providing open standards for the delivery of advanced interactive TV services


November 27, 2023

Improved conformance tool ensures interoperability for DASH delivery

A freely available tool that validates the conformance of DASH content to relevant media specifications has been improved thanks to a collaboration between five