Examples (informative)

Support in HbbTV

Available since: HbbTV 1.0 (ETSI TS 102 796 V1.1.1, OIPF DAE V1.1)

Locating the Application object

The ApplicationManager class provides the getOwnerApplication() method, which returns the document’s owning application node:

All other application functionality is available from this object.

Creating a new application

Creating a new application is a simple matter of creating a new Application object.

A typical requirement on an application is to only become visible once it has fully loaded. To do this, it can take advantage of load events. Here is an example from a clock application, which wants to load an image to become the background of the clock, upon which it can write the text of the clock.

function loaded() {
    var screen = document.defaultView.screen;
    var clock = document.getElementById('clock');
    setup_clock( clock.width, clock.height );
    // Assumes that the application/oipfApplicationManager object has the ID 
    // “applicationmanager”
    var appMgr = document.getElementById("applicationmanager");
    var self = appMgr.getOwnerApplication(Window.document);
<style> * { margin: 0cm } </style>
<body onload="loaded()">
   <img id="clock" src="clockbackground.png" style="position: absolute; 
     top: 0px; left=0px">