The CodecInfoCollection class

Support in HbbTV

Available since: Not implemented in HbbTV

typedef Collection<CodecInfo> CodecInfoCollection

The CodecInfoCollection class represents a collection of CodecInfo objects. See Annex K for the definition of the collection template.

In addition to the methods and properties defined for generic collections, the CodecInfoCollection class supports the additional properties and methods defined below.


Boolean moveAt( Integer targetIndex, Integer index )


Moves a CodecInfo item from the specified index to the specified targetIndex. The operation is performed through an item removal and an insertion of the same item in a new position. The targetIndex is the position in which the element SHALL be inserted considering position indexes before item removal. During removal and insertion, the other items will shift accordingly. This method SHALL return true if the operation succeeded, or false if an invalid index was specified (e.g. index > length).



The index in the list to which the item should be moved.


The index in the list of the item that will be moved.

Boolean remove( Integer index )


Removes the item at the specified index from the CodecInfoCollection. The other items SHALL shift accordingly. Returns true if the operation succeeded, or false if an invalid index was specified.



The index of the item to be removed.