The application/oipfConfiguration embedded object

Support in HbbTV

Available since: HbbTV 1.0 (ETSI TS 102 796 V1.1.1, OIPF DAE V1.1)

The configuration property shall be supported. All other properties, methods and events are not included.

The OITF SHALL implement the “application/oipfConfiguration” object as defined below.  This object provides an interface to the configuration and user settings facilities within the OITF. 


readonly Configuration configuration

Accesses the configuration object that sets defaults and shows system settings.

readonly LocalSystem localSystem

Accesses the object representing the platform hardware.

function onIpAddressChange( NetworkInterface item, String ipAddress )

The function that is called when the IP address of a network interface has changed. The specified function is called with two arguments item and ipAddress. The ipAddress may have the value undefined if a previously assigned address has been lost.


For the intrinsic event “onIpAddressChange”, a corresponding DOM event SHALL be generated, in the following manner:

Intrinsic event

Corresponding DOM event

DOM Event properties



Bubbles: No

Cancellable: No

Context Info: item, ipAddress

NOTE: the above DOM event is directly dispatched to the event target, and will not bubble nor capture. Applications SHOULD not rely on receiving an IpAddressChange event during the bubbling or the capturing phase. Applications that use DOM event handlers SHALL call the addEventListener() method on the application/oipfConfiguration object. The third parameter of addEventListener, i.e. “useCapture”, will be ignored.