The ContentCatalogue class

Support in HbbTV

Available since: Not implemented in HbbTV

A ContentCatalogue  represents a content catalogue for a content on demand service. 

To receive events relating to operations on items in a catalogue, applications MAY add listeners for “ContentAction” events to the application/oipfCodManager object.


readonly String name
The name of the content catalogue that should be displayed to the user. The value of this property is given by the Name element in the catalogue’s BCG discovery record.
readonly CODFolder rootFolder
The root folder of the content catalogue.


CODFolder getPurchaseHistory()


Get the list of items that have been purchased from the catalogue by the current user, including currently active rentals.

Items in this list will be derived from children of the BCG UserActionList element which have an ActionType of buy. If the ActionList element is not present, this method SHALL return null.