Extensions to A/V Control object for playback through Content-Access Streaming Descriptor

Support in HbbTV

Available since: HbbTV 1.0 (ETSI TS 102 796 V1.1.1, OIPF DAE V1.1)


Mandatory if the DRM feature is supported otherwise not included.

As specified in section 4.7.1, an OITF SHALL support setting up the A/V stream using the information provided by a valid Content Access Streaming Descriptor referred to by the ‘data’ attribute. To this end, the OITF SHALL fetch the Content Access Streaming Descriptor from the URL provided by the “data” attribute, after which the descriptor SHALL be interpreted, resulting in an appropriate <ContentURL> to be selected (e.g. based on which DRM system the OITF supports). The OITF SHALL then initiate a streaming CoD session to the selected <ContentURL>, after which playback can be started when the play() method is invoked.

The OITF SHALL pass included DRM-information of the selected content and DRM system ID as part of the <DRMControlInformation> elements of a Content Access Streaming Descriptor to the DRM agent, if it supports a DRM agent with a matching DRMSystemID as per section 9.3.10.

If the Content Access Streaming Descriptor is not valid according to the XML Schema and semantics as defined in Annex E.2, the A/V Control object SHALL go to playState 6 (i.e. error), with error value 4, which is defined as follows in addition to the error states identified by bullet 5 of [Req. 5.7.1.f] of CEA-2014-A:

               4: content corrupt or invalid.

For more information about setting up the A/V stream based on a Content Access Streaming descriptor, see section 4.7.1, section 8 and Annex D.