Object factory API

Support in HbbTV

Available since: HbbTV 1.0 (ETSI TS 102 796 V1.1.1, OIPF DAE V1.1)

Methods for creating objects not required by the present document are not included.

The requiredCapabilities argument on the createVideoBroadcastObject() and createVideoMpegObject() methods shall not be used and can be ignored.

Creation of embedded objects (both visual and non-visual) by using the <object> element in an HTML document or by using the DOM createElement() method and adding the resulting element to the application’s DOM tree shall be supported.

The createMediaSynchroniser() and createCSManager() methods defined in clause A.2.7 shall be supported.

The extensions to isObjectSupported() defined in clause A.2.7 shall be supported.


The oipfObjectFactory object as defined in clause 7.1 of the OIPF DAE specification [1] shall be extended by the methods defined in this clause.

MediaSynchroniser createMediaSynchroniser ()
DescriptionCreates a new MediaSynchroniser embedded object.
Object createCSManager ()
DescriptionCreates a new HbbTVCSManager embedded object.

The isObjectSupported() method shall be extended to support the following MIME types for querying support of new functionality defined in the present document:

  • application/hbbtvMediaSynchroniser
  • application/hbbtvCSManager

This section defines the methods to check and create an instance of the DAE defined embedded objects within JavaScript.

The OITF SHALL support an object of type “OipfObjectFactory” as a property “oipfObjectFactory” of the script’s global object (as defined in the HTML5 specification as referenced by [OIPF_DAE2_WEB]) with the API as defined in this section. The object factory SHALL ensure that the referenced objects are correctly set up. This is an alternative to instantiating embedded objects (or plug-ins) outside of JavaScript.