The Open IPTV Forum has developed an end-to-end solution to allow any consumer end-device, compliant to the Open IPTV Forum specifications, to access enriched and personalized IPTV services either in a managed or a non-managed network.

Its functional architecture specification [OIPF_ARCH2] defines a block called OITF which resides inside the residential network. The OITF includes the functionality required to access IPTV services for both the unmanaged and the managed network.

Part of these functionalities is the Declarative Application Environment (DAE): a declarative language based environment (browser) based on the OIPF Web Standards TV Profile [OIPF_DAE2_WEB] for presentation of user interfaces and including scripting support for interaction with network server-side applications and access to the APIs of the other OITF functions.

The DAE is the focus of this specification.

The requirements for specifying this functionality are derived from the following sources:

  • Open IPTV Service and Platform Requirement for R2 [OIPF_REQS2];
  • Open IPTV Functional Architecture for R2 [OIPF_ARCH2].