HbbTV-Kineton Plugfest 2024 Report

The HbbTV-Kineton Plugfest and HbbTV Testing Event in Milan, Italy, are over. Thank you very much to all attendees! They provided good feedback and took advantage of networking and technical discussions. 33 people from 14 companies attended the Plugfest, an event that provided developers with a wide range of opportunities for interoperability testing of HbbTV technologies for two and a half days at Kineton’s offices in Milan. It was the second developer event in 2024 after the Digital TV Group (DTG) and Deutsche TV-Plattform (DTVP) Plugfest at the DTG in February in London.

The plugfest attendees

Leading TV manufacturers (Hisense, LGE, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and TP Vision) brought their devices and their new software to be tested with developers, broadcasters and platform operators: a lively and professional exciting event.

Collaboration in full swing

Despite the inclement weather, a window of a good weather allow us to enjoy a nice social evening with good food and drinks at Kineton’s office terrace.   

The social event

The HbbTV-Kineton Plugfest was followed by the HbbTV Testing Event and the HbbTV Testing Group meetings managed by the HbbTV Testing Group and its Chair Ms. Van Nguyen (Samsung). These two events were open to HbbTV members only. It was the occasion to verify and test new trunks of tests issued in the 2024-2 Test Suite release including TA, DVB-I and voice control tests. 

HbbTV and Kineton would like to thank all participants who contributed to the success of the HbbTV-Kineton Plugfest in Milan. See you at next planned events!

Author: Angelo Pettazzi
Chair HbbTV Marketing & Education Working Group

Kineton International Plugfest 2024 Announced

Kineton is delighted to announce the second International Plugfest planned for this year in cooperation with the HbbTV Association. This week-long event will include the HbbTV Testing Event.

The 15th edition of the Plugfest will take place from Monday, June 24th, to Wednesday, June 26th, at the Kineton offices in Milan, Italy. From June 26th to June 28th, we will be hosting the HbbTV Testing Event and Testing Group meeting.

The established joint Plugfests provide a fantastic, controlled platform for all participants to collaborate towards achieving interoperability and delivering an excellent user experience.

Interoperability tests cover cutting-edge technologies such as UHD-4K/8K, HDR, HFR, NGA, HbbTV, DVB-I and HDMI (2.0/2.1a/2.1b) interoperability with sources (STBs/streaming devices, Sound bars, AVRs, laptops, encoders) and sinks (TVs, Projectors, Display Monitors etc).

The Plugfest is open to all companies interested in testing/validating their AV products/software/content/apps interoperability & compatibility with others’ implementations. Participants include TV device manufacturers, broadcasters, technology providers, platform operators, encoder providers, test equipment manufacturers, research & development institutions, standardisation bodies as well as HbbTV app, HbbTV OpApp and DVB-I client developers.

Plugfest Date: June 24-26, 2024

Venue: Kineton offices, via Edoardo Bassini 56, 20133 Milan, Italy

Who: Free for all HbbTV members. Nominal fee applicable for non-members. Attendance is strictly restricted to participants only.

This Plugfest forms part of a week-long series of events, which also includes the HbbTV Testing Event, focusing only on the HbbTV Test Suite v2024-2 validation, and HbbTV Testing Group meeting from June 26th to June 28th. The Testing Event is open to HbbTV members only.

It provides an opportunity for the HbbTV implementers to execute tests on their devices and log those executions as part of the evidence required to approve test cases for the HbbTV Test Suite v2024-2 release. The representatives of test material providers will be available to discuss problems found with either the test material or implementation. The Testing Event participants will have temporary access to the test harness, necessary for executing the test cases at the event. The test plan will be distributed to the event participants a day before. Participants should be TRAA assignees to have access to the HbbTV Test Repository.

Event details:

Please register here.

For content-related questions about the Plugfest, please contact Angelo Pettazzi angelo.pettazzi@kineton.it.

For content-related questions about the HbbTV Testing Event or face-to-face meeting, please contact Nguyen Thi Thanh Van, Samsung Electronics: van.nguyen@samsung.com.

HbbTV releases version 2024-1 of the Conformance Test Suite

Geneva, 4 April 2024 – The HbbTV Association, a global initiative dedicated to providing open standards for the delivery of advanced interactive TV services through broadcast and broadband networks for connected TV sets and set-top boxes, is pleased to announce the release of a new version of the HbbTV Conformance Test Suite.

The v2024-1 Test Suite, developed by the HbbTV Testing Group, is the first major release in 2024 and includes a total of 3,273 test cases, 2,538 of them approved. 225 of the tests were approved during the HbbTV Testing Event in London, UK in February. The total size has increased by 154 test cases compared to the previous release.

The new release of the Test Suite includes 177 tests for features of the latest version of the HbbTV core specification, HbbTV 2.0.4, including Accessibility, Dialogue Enhancement and DVB-I, which are now available to the HbbTV Test Suite licensees.

“We are happy about the strong participation in the recent International Plugfest and HbbTV Testing Event in London, co-organised by the HbbTV Association, Digital TV Group and Deutsche TV-Plattform, with more than 40 developers testing interoperability across different devices and screens,” said Vincent Grivet, Chair of the HbbTV Association. “This clearly underlines the significance of HbbTV as the standard enabling advanced features on TV screens to ensure a compelling TV experience for viewers.”

The HbbTV Test Suite is an important tool for device manufacturers to verify compliance of their products with the most current HbbTV specifications and their features. The Test Suite is available through registered HbbTV test centres and, as a convenience, to HbbTV members for use in their own facilities.

More information on the v2024-1 Test Suite can be found here.

National certification schemes

The HbbTV Test Suite provides a set of test material to enable implementers to test receivers against the HbbTV specifications and other associated specifications (such as OIPF). National certification schemes, that usually award a locally commercially relevant logo for devices that are tested using formal lists of HbbTV and additional platform specific tests, often also list the certified compatible models.

A few examples are provided here:








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